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The Central Tibetan School Administration consists of following:
1) Governing Body
2) Finance Committee
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The work of the Administration is managed by the Governing Body. The Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of School Education & Literacy) dealing with CTSA is the ex-officio Chairman of the Administration and it's Governing Body. The Financial Advisor to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of Secondary & Higher Education), Representative of Ministry of External Affairs and Rehabilitation and four Representative of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, are the members of the Governing Body. The Director Central Tibetan Schools Administration is the Executive Head of the Administration and Chief Administrator of Central Schools for Tibetans. He is responsible for the proper administration of the affairs of the Administration and Schools.

In accordance with Rule 40 of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules of the CTSA, there is a Finance Committee consisting of the members from Ministry of H.R.D.,Ministry of Home and representative from the establishment of HH The Dalailama. In accordance with Rule 41 of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules of the CTSA the Finance Committee has the following duties:
  • To scrutinize the accounts and budget estimates of the Administration and to make recommendations to the Governing Body.
  • To consider and make recommendations to the Governing Body on proposals for new expenditure on account of major works and purchases which shall be referred to the Finance Committee for opinion before they are considered by the Governing Body.
  • To scrutinize re-appropriation of statements and audit notes and make recommendations thereon to the Governing Body.
  • To review the Finances of the Administration from time to time and have concurrent audit conducted wherever necessary.
  • To give advice and make recommendations to the Governing Body on any other financial questions affecting the affairs of the Administration.
In order to maintain appropriate liaison with local Tibetan Community as well as with authorities of the State Government, a local Advisory Committee has been constituted in each school. A proper rapport is maintained between the LAC and the school for the overall development of the Institution.
Similarly, for better interaction between the teachers and the parents of the students in the Central School for Tibetans, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has been constituted in each school. The PTA extends full co-operation to the schools for the welfare of children with the involvement and support of the Representative.
The Director who is the Principal Executive Officer of the Administration as envisaged in the Memorandum of Association and rules of the Central Tibetan Schools Administration executes the policies and guidelines issued by the Administration and the Governing Body. Education Officers, Dy. Director, Audit & Accounts Officer, Deputy Education Officer, Section Officer, Technical Officer and other Staff assist the Director at the Headquarters of the Administration.

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